2 Servos

Hi all, Im completely new at this... I want to control two servos (on two different pins). First servo is attached to pin 9 for signal, and two wires are connected to Gnd and 5v on the other side of the board. But where I have to connect my second servo?? I tried to connect dignal wire to pin 10 and Gnd black wire to Gnd, but the 5V pin was used by first servo, so I connected it to the pin 8 and wrote in the code digitalWrite(servo2pin, HIGH), but it didn't work. Where should I connect that wire??? THX

I'm afraid the answer is "in the same place as the first one", ie 5V A logical "1" won't provide enough current to drive a servo.

digital pins arent supposed to provide more than ~~20 ~~ (EDIT: 40) milliamps of power. you might check to make sure you didnt burn it out. you can always just use a breadboard and wire to split the 5 volt lines into easily accessible sockets. that way you wont run out of places to connect things that need power.

That would be 40mA of current per pin

oops, thanks

When it comes to using servos and especially two servos it is best not to power the servos 5vdc power from the Arduino. Current capacity and motor noise usually causes problems depending on the physical size of the servos and the torque needed for a specific application.

Using 4 AA batteries in a series pack can give adequate current for two servos and most servos work well or better at 6vdc. Another option is to use a external 5vdc power supply rated at a couple of amps or better. However you externally power the servos be sure that the grounds between the Arduino board and the external power is wired together.

Good luck and have fun with your Arduino.