2 sets of Xbee Series 1 with 1 UNO and 1 MEGA

Hi Guys, I'm facing problems with the interface of Xbee. I have done all the configuration. Under XCTU, i'm able to received what i type from 1 xbee to another. Connection of Xbee with UNO => DIN to pin 3, DOUT to pin 2 Connection of Xbee with MEGA => DIN to pin 3, DOUT to pin 2

Am i supposed to change the DIN and DOUT ? I wanted to try out using a push button from the first Xbee to light up the LED from another Xbee.

Hope it usefull for you. http://www.ardumotive.com/how-to-use-xbee-modules-as-transmitter--receiver-en.html

Hi. Anyone able to help me with this problem? Am I supposed to connect DIN & DOUT to RX and TX after configuration ?