2 steppers motors, 1 chip?

Been running 2 steppers motors each from a L293D H-bridge as per http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/StepperBipolarCircuit

but was wondering i there is another H-bridge that i can use to control 2 Bipolar Stepper Motors using 8 Arduino outputs?

hi, i´m from Brazil and you can use conect 2 stepper on l293d using
a simetrical power supply -> 4 0 -4 , you must respect the motor voltage and if you wanna go high use power resitors in series with each coil and you use 3 pin ( input1,input2,enable12) each stepper.
only work in full step mode.
sequence of motion > input1,input2
It was a idea , i never tested and doesnt now if work but give a try

A ULN2004 I think it is can be used for 2 stepper motors from 8 pins. It's just a 8 darlington array.