2 steppers

can anyone pls tell me how to connect 2 unipolar stepper motors to my Arduino Duemilanove???
There is stepper library but I guess it supports only one motor at a time.

Should just be able to create multiple instances of the Stepper class for different pins:

Stepper step1 = Stepper (3, 4) ;
Stepper step2 = Stepper (5, 6) ;

Not sure if you can drive both at the same time though - would need to look at how the library is implemented.

You'll need a stepper controller for each motor too :wink:

You can give this a try http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/StepperUnipolarCircuit btw what are the ratings of your motor?

@Mark: Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I’ll try and let know what happens

@Ben: Yeah, I’m using the same ckt… my steppers are rated 12V unipolar, 1A and 1.8deg/step.
Well those a re pretty much generic motors.