2 Stops bits for 115000

I have trouble with the communication at 115000 bauds.
When I’m using 2 Stop Bits it seems to do better.

Does someone know how to change the serial to 2 stop Bits?

I tried this, but doesn<t seems to work:

  UCSRC = (1<<URSEL) | (UCSRC | (1<<USBS)); //TwoBits...

What do you mean by doesn’t work? It doesn’t compile or it doesn’t seem to change the number of stop bits?

If the former, and you’re using an ATmega168, you probably need to put 0’s in your register and bit names, e.g.: UCSR0C |= (1 << USBS0);

Thanks Mellis.

It compile, but it doesn't give results. My problem is that I'm using ATMEGA8L (lowPower) behind a XBee.

The connexion between the Arduino and XBee is hard to debug. I did tests with two MaxStream only, I found that using 2 stops bits inside Processing is more stable. When the ATMEGA8 try to send something, it doesn't work at High BaudRates, but it works fine at 38400.

Hmm, you might need to swap the order of those two lines. Other than that, it looks like it should work.