2(two) Sn754410 ??????

Hi, My question is wheter it is possible to have 2(two) Sn754410 chips on one breadboard hooked up to a single Arduino UNO. The goal of this is to be able to run 4 motors.(2 motors from each Sn754410). Also, will I need to add more power supply to handle the 3rd and 4th motors?

Yes, you drive two of them from a Uno. Depending on how you wire them, you will need to use either 4 or 6 Arduino output pins for each of them, if you want to control both chios independently. But be aware, the SN754410 is an old chip with bipolar darlington transistor outputs, so it has a high voltage drop and is only suitable for driving low-current motors.

Ah, that's great news. Also, what is considered a low current motor? Are standard FA 130 motors low current?