2 videos, 2 arduinos, 1 computer, 1 video hub

I am checking on the feasibility of this project. I would like to have to videos side by side. I would transform the shape of each video into a negative sloping line on the left and a positive slope on the right to make a V. When a viewer walks past the video, that part of the V would follow them. If the viewer was walking right to left, the left leg would follow their movement. The opposite for the other direction.

My set up would be 1 computer to process the video and 2 PIR sensors to detect motion for each screen. The computer would be hooked up to a video hub with 2 projectors.

Would I need 2 arduinos and 2 sensors? Would it be possible with 1 arduino and 1 sensor or could I put 2 sensors on one arduino?

Looking for the ideal setup...

Thanks! T

I briefly played around with the PIR sensor from Parallax. It was very sensitive to at least 6 meters from the sensor and at least 5 meters side-to-side. I suspect the cone where a PIR sensor fires may be too big to get what you want. You may be able to shield the PIR sensors for better results than I had (think sensor inside a toilet paper roll).

I also briefly played around with a distance (ping) sensor and decided that will probably work better. The one I tested was sensitive in a fairly narrow band. The idea is: if there is an object straight ahead within about four feet, a human is there.

But, in my case, I just need to know if there is human standing there. I don't need direction or motion.

In either case, I would appreciate if you report back with your results about human sensing. If you'd like, I'd be happy to do the same.

Thanks and good luck, Brian

Yeah, I think I'll stick with the distance sensor.

I will definitely post my results.

Can I put two distance sensors on one Arduino? I know I can put it in another pin to get information, but will the 5V pin power 2 sensors?


If this is your sensor: http://www.parallax.com/Portals/0/Downloads/docs/prod/audiovis/PIRSensor-V1.2.pdf you can have as many as you have free input pins

The spec sheet says it only needs 0.1 ma.

sorry its the distance sensor:


and it looks like I may need 2 arduinos... it needs 30mA - can anyone confirm that I need 2 arduinos? Or can I just use one?


One should be sufficient. The Arduino power supply can handle an extra 60ma.