2 x 240 rgb ledstrips in a 10x48 matrix setup

This is my christmas project that starting to take shape. I've mostly been trying to simulate fires with it but the possibilities are close to infinite.

As the topic says, I have 480 rgb-leds in two channels made from 2 pieces of 4 meter long adafruit neopixel ledstrips each cut in 10 columns and soldered in a way that the first led in the first strip is at the bottom right, going up 48 leds and continues the same way on the next column. They are stuck behind a painting canvas on wooden strips. And they are driven by a arduino Mega, since i couldnt drive my 10x48-array with a UNO.

Nuclear Bonfire

Im not totally happy with the resolution between the columns, so I might put in another 480 leds between the columns, or the light version: put them closer together.