20+ i/o pin connectors

Sup fellas. I'm looking for a connector of some kind to connect 20 pins from my arduino. I want to run a 6 ft cable from the arduino. I was thinking a cat 6 cable used for internet but thats only 8 pins. The problem is what kind of cable and where to buy it. I need at "least" 20 pins but more is ok. Can anyone think of something else?

Look at the usual places like digi-key and mouser to see if they stock a multi conductor cable that will work. An old 25-pin serial cable comes to mind.

You might look at getting Samtec to build one for you too.

Or, run 3 cat6 cables.

check at mpja.com. I saw they had spools of 20 conductor & up ribbon cable pretty inexpensively, then get some of the squish-on cable ends to go over square-post header connectors.
I’d give a more specific link, comcast is acting up on me at the moment so connecting is hit and miss.

What you probably want is some 20 conductor ribbon cable and some "IDC" connectors (yeah, I know its redundant).

You'll also need a hefty vice to crimp the connectors on the ends.

But first - what are the signals being sent/received? What's the environment for the cable? Any possibility of crosstalk or other noise?

Thanks guys.

crossroads - thanks for mpja.com. its a nice website

cr0sh - im integrating my climate control buttons into my carpc so there might be some crosstalk but i dont know how much it matters because the pins will just output 3volts directly to an optocoupler and close a circuit on the climate control controller (replaces the physical buttons on there with ones activated by the arduino). im basically using the optocoupler as a switch. from the optocoupler the wires will go about 6 feet to the climate control controller.

sorry if thats too detailed. hope its understandable.

that flat idc cable seems pretty reasonable but it brings back bad memories from old those ide cables.. lol.. i wonder if someone has the same thing but in a round cable.

guess ill stick with what i can get ehh? if anyone has anymore cable suggestions let me know. :smiley:

Here's another option:
Go to pololu.com and order crimp terminals and crimp housings, get a spool of 26 guage wire and make up the cables that you need, like these
Pololu - Wires with Pre-Crimped Terminals 50-Piece 10-Color Assortment M-M 24"
male-male, male-female, female-female, can make whatever you need.
Pololu - Female Crimp Pins for 0.1" Housings 100-Pack
Pololu - Male Crimp Pins for 0.1" Housings 100-Pack
Pololu - Crimping Tool: 0.08-0.5 mm² Capacity, 20-28 AWG

and then stick in a 2x10 row housing, or whatever you need to separate or group things as your design requires.

This used 6" & 12" stock female-female wires, 1x2, 1x5, 1x8 housings.
The housings then got pushed onto wirewrap sockets.

Wow great crossroads! Pretty much what i needed. Nice website too. Only question i have is about the male part that the housing pushes into. Ive never used anything like this so bare with me. The housing accepts male crimped terminals on the back side and when you push the terminals in the housing it stays in and doesnt pull back out easy right??

Then male terminals of some kind that stick out of the board is accepted on the front of the housing right? Do you know where i can get those? they look sorta like these: http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1114 but their not extended.

The crimping tool on this website is a bit much for what it does. Do you think this will work?




btw is that image of something you made? Looks pretty cool.

Thank you cyrus.
Yes, it is something I am building and have working, a time & score display for fencing.

I have some of the pins, haven't actually crimped any myself yet as I don't have a crimp tool either.
The pins slip into the housings and lock in place with a little tab and do not come out unless you have a little tiny screwdriver or something to slip under the tab. Like trying to open a cable tie.

The male pins are just 0.025" square pins.
I used these that I got from gravitech.us . I don't think they list them on their website, call them and ask for Tony, tell him you are after strips of wirewrap sockets

Or you can get 2x20 row "interconnect" to connect up to. "interconnect" is the part to search for.

i looked at a video on youtube about wirewrap and it seems like more work and tools but probably would be nice later on for bigger projects.

I think ill use these http://cgi.ebay.com/10x-BREAK-AWAY-STRAIGHT-MALE-HEADER-40-PIN-PCB-CONTACT-/330501907427?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item4cf372e3e3#ht_1154wt_905
and just solder one side to the board and fit the other with the housing. think it will work ok with spacing?

im still not sure what interconnect is. ive tried looking it up. can you give more detail?

Since im getting the 2x10 housing i wont need any of the female terminal crimps right? just the male.

Surely you jest! One wirewrap tool from radio shack

even comes with a wirestripper. All you need is spool of 30 guage wire and a pair of wire cutters.

The header pins you found will work. Use the long sides to slide the cables onto.

Yes, just male crimp pins.

The other part in my picture is an interconnect. The part you found is also an interconnect.

cool thanks. anyone know of a good source for wire spools?

Radio Shack -
50' 30 guage wirewrap wire, $4.
100 ft 22 guage wire, $7

Or try HomeDepot, Lowes.
I think you said 6', 20 conductor?

Call pololu when you order the crimp pins & housings, see if they'll sell you 120-130 ft of uncut jumper wire so you can make up your 6' cable.

Ive contacted pololu to change my order and add some wire. Ill know by tomorrow sometime if they will do it.

Crossroads do you know if theres a male version of the housing? I have a few female 8x1 connectors/headers/whatever their called on my arduino proto board and i was wondering if theres a nice solution to connecting to them without simply pushing in one wire at a time.

The same housing is used for male & female pins. The male pins are longer and protrude out the bottom.

in that case i'd probably need to look around for longer pins because pololu doesn't sell longer ones right?

Crimp pins?

Here is a little extender cable I made - uses the same 1x6 housing on both ends.
Left side has male crimp pins, right side has female crimp pins.

or did you mean the male pins to go on the board?
If you are only connecting one 30 guage wirewrap to each pin, and then sliding the female crimp pins over the rest of the pin, then the header pin you linked to earlier may be okay. You need 1/4" of free pin for the female crimp to slide onto.

You can find header pins with longer leads also


just need to look around.

I bought a package of ten, 50pin dual row header at my somewhat local electronics supplier.
Seems to be a pretty common part.

Now finding single row wirewrap socket strips, that was a challenge!
I actually got the first lot from a company that sells parts for pinball machine repairs.

beats buying individual sockets for $3 & $4 each.

That cable in your image was exactly what i was trying to get. Looks like i will need to buy the female crimp pins to make the housing into a female housing to accept the male pins that will be on the board.

Also pololu doesnt have uncut wire rolls so ill probably look at radioshack for the wire. what size wire are you using in that first image you showed me with all the wires all over the place?

That was the pololu stock 26 guage wire.
I bought several packages of the 6" and 12" terminated wires. Think 9" would have been great if they had that, but no. Bought the crimp pins thinking I would shorten up the 12" wires at some time in the future, but haven't gotten their yet.
The pins description says it will accept 22 to 28 guage wire.