20 pin lcd and a small white component

Hello all - two questions:

Does anyone know a place that describes the pinout of a 20 pin lcd? I have worked with 14/16 pinned lcd’s, but have never ran into one which uses all 20 (i know that it uses all twenty and not just 16 of them as they were all wired on the pc board on which i found the lcd)

and secondly…

Ive been scavanging components off of old electronics in my house, and ran into a small rectangular prism-like white component, labeled X1 on the pc board… on the actual component reads “M 8000A 371”

can anyone identify this component?

“X” is industry standard nomenclature for Crystals.

I’d guess 8Mhz based on number but that’s a pure guess.

Google had no results on that number. I’d have to see it to be more helpful, but RF filters also can be white and ceramic.