2016 RepRap I3 Ebay China Printer w. Geeetech GT2560 Controller (Bad Board?)

So, I bought this 160.00 US Chinese printer on ebay, set it up turned it on printed three test pieces that looked pretty good, but I wanted to be able to tweak a few things, keep in mind I am not at all a C+ programmer, however I am a mechanical engineer with some knowledge of 3D printers.

Issues are, I cant see the printer through USB, I have all the drivers loaded, printer is seen by Windows 7 , I hear the sounds when plugging and unplugging in the supplied USB cable, no software can communicate to the board.

I get timeout errors when attempting to upload to the board through Marlin etc. LED lights don't flash as if board is communicating back. Red LED blinks once at start once at timeout error.

I am using Arduino 1.8 software and a known good file from Marlin and its current version too.

I have the white Geetech Board with the Ramps 1.4

How do I get this thing working again?

I have all the software possible from repetier, pronterface, cura etc. and none see the printer or are holding on to the printer driver making it unusable.

All the forums seem to have old links and old files associated with them making this even tougher with a wasteland of old data floating around.

Someone out there has to have had this issue before, its already 2017. Seller on ebay shows he has sold over 800+ of these and I am certain someone has had this happen to them.

Any ideas out there, or am I hosed and need to start from scratch?

Also, is there a way to extract existing firmware from boards with Arduino/Marlin interface?

Thanks in advance