20x4 LCD using a Shift register

hey guys i've been working on a LCD screen that is controlled by a arduino and utilizes a 74LS164N so i only need to use 2 pins as i want to use the other pins for other uses. but i'm not sure how to configure it for a 20x4 LCD screen.

I have been using This Library for the basics
but it says

It seems some have 4-line LCD-displays with (I think) common data pins (D0 - D7), and two enable-pins. There should be no problem making two instances of 3-wire ShiftRegLCD objects with the same data and clock-pins, but with different enable pins, thus using 4 pins on the Arduino for a 4-line LCD.

However the LCD does not have different enable pins

Heres the Data sheet for the LCD screen

Am i fine to do a normal 2 wire interface?