22’’ Touchscreen Monitor to Arduino via USB

This is one subject I cannot find reference anywhere on the net.

I need to use my 22’’ touchscreen to directly control a Windows Base software which no longer support the Touch Gestures designed by Microsoft to emulate a mouse form the screen.

The touchreen outputs its data though a standard USB, as they all seem do.

I have the necessary interfacing application to go from Arduino to the software BUT I am not sure which shield would be appropriate for imputing the USB data into Arduino nor how to interpret the touchscreen serial output data.

There seem to be two shields available, namely Arduino USB Host Shield & USB Serial Light Adapter.

At a guess the touchscreen should output data such as coordinates and left/right click emulation, rotation and such such.

Effectively that is all I need in order to control my virtual switches and rotating knobs.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

Mauro Andreini