220 uf 16v caps...


But wait... are these not electrolytic?!

These are electrolytic and bi-polar, useful in speaker split filters. No + and -

For decoupling, buy another type, often smaller and cheaper


They looks like electrolytics to me, why do you say they aren't?



always believed it to not be possible to reverse charge all electrolytic caps.....

From Wikipedia
Special bipolar capacitors designed for AC operation are available, usually referred to as “non-polarized” or “NP” types. In these, full-thickness oxide layers are formed on both the aluminum foil strips prior to assembly. On the alternate halves of the AC cycles, one of the foil strips acts as a blocking diode, preventing reverse current from damaging the electrolyte of the other one.

You can also make your own BP. take 2 electrolytic and connect + to+ and use the - , can not withstand so high voltage but it works.