220V AC Solenoid Valve

I am trying to power a 220V AC, 50/60Hz, 6W solenoid valve with a 12V DC 1AMP wall socket charger and it does not want to work. Can I get any advice how to make this work, I am straight wiring to the 12V charger breaking the circuit with a relay.
This is the link to the valves:

I have seen the same ones with 12V specifications thats why I tried this approach, but have not had any luck. Please Help.
Thank you.
P.S. I dont know if I need 24V DC power supply to make it function but that seems to much voltage to me.

Replace it with something like this.

A 220V AC water valve needs 220V to operate .
No way it will run off 24 V.

Oh I understand, thank you very much, I plugged in valve straight to socket without any resistor or step down and it sound like its working, I am teaching my self as I go so thanks for your patience.