+/- 22VDC Power Supply???

Hey all...

I'm working on a project that has a number of parts, some op-amps running at +/- 15V, some headphone amps running at 12V (about 100mA each) along with some 12V relays and LED's.

My current iteration of this project relies on 2 +15VDC plug-in adapters coupled to give me a 30V swing. However, I've burned up more than a few op-amps by the power supplies being plugged in one before the other.

The biggest concern I have with this version is that it will be traveling and shipped OFTEN. I don't know if I want to go with two separate adapters for fear that during transport, one will come unplugged and leave me stranded during a week-long road trip.

I found this power supply: http://www.jameco.com/Jameco/Products/ProdDS/237367.pdf?avad=55097_c3a5ef97&source=Avantlink . I was told the ripple noise was too high so it would need some additional filtering. When I asked a very good engineer about the best way to filter that, he told me that the best option would be to find a +/- 22VDC supply that I'd regulate and filter on the op-amp circuit board.

Does anyone know of a dual output +/- 22-24VDC supply similar to the external form factor like the one above? Been looking for hours and haven't found one yet...


it will be traveling and shipped OFTEN.

Have you considered an internal, adjustable, regulated power supply -- powered by mains.

+/- 24V http://www.mpja.com/24V-12A-and-24V-12A-Linear-Power-Supply-IHBB24-12/productinfo/8534+PS/

+/-15V http://www.mpja.com/15V-04A-and-15V-04A-Linear-Power-Supply-IHAD15-04/productinfo/6638+PS/

Or if you want something really simple just use one of your 15 volt supplies. Connect to it an isolated switch mode converter that outputs 15 volts and connect it's output such that the inverter positive output is connected to the original supply negative. This then gives you the +/- 15 volt supply you desire.

I was told the ripple noise was too high so it would need some additional filtering.

You may want to figure out if the ripple is too high for your application.

It is very difficult to lower ripple in a switching mode power supply. and it is very difficult to shrink a conventional power supply into the size you are looking for.