23K256 SCRAM Memory Increase

I need more SCRAM memory, I could upgrade from my uno to a Mega, but that only increases it from 2k to 8k. I want to hold out until they make a Yun MEGA to invest that kind of money (hopefully they will fix the how high the RJ45 connector and host USB ports sit on the Yun by then so shields can connect to the hardware.

My question is, has anyone ever used this kind of chip to increase the SCRAM? I've been looking all over the internet (particular amazon) but can't seem to find any reviews.

Here is a link to the chip on amazon. 23K256 chip

Yes I have used that chip but it does not give you more memory that you can use like the system SRAM. It is only paged memory. So that means you need to access it like EEPROM not just use it for variables.