24-bit on led matrix?


i am using arduino mega 2560 + sparkfun 32x32 rgb leb matrix + RGBmatrixPanel + Adafruit_GFX to display static images.
to my understanding the libraries give me either 12-bit (4-4-4) or 16-bit (5-6-5) output (i am not sure). the original images are 24-bit.
is there a library that supports 24-bit (8-8-8), or at least more colors than the above?



Think you may be out of luck. Looks like although the gfx library uses 5-6-5 internally, it the rgb matrix library translates this into the 4-4-4 and then uses bit-angle-modulation/binary-code-modulation to mix colours. This may be partly because of memory limitations on Uno and similar, which the mega may be able to overcome. However, the other reason for it may be because of speed limitations, which the mega may not be able to overcome. Its possible that faster Arduino like Due might be able to achieve 8-8-8, but the rgb matrix library does not seem to have been developed to take advantage of faster chips, probably because there's such a limited demand for it.


With a Teensy 3.1 you can drive these panels with 24 or even 36 bit color depth.

Very useful for a good gamma correction - calculate your animations with 24 bit and use the 36 bit to make sure you see any detail of it - no matter how bright or dark it is.

I got arround 170 fps out of it.

The library is here.

Here one of my examples how it looks in action. And another one.