24 * Fritzmas: Free production of Arduino Shields

Hi everyone,

Fritzing is finally reaching its destination and will soon launch "Fritzing Fab" - a production service for PCBs you designed with Fritzing. Eventually you will even be able to order any project as a complete kit with parts. And hopefully we can sustain Fritzing development through this service.

In order to kick it off, we are having a little Fritzmas special: we will produce 24 of your Fritzing-made designs as a free service! Just send us your sketch by December 9th.

Find out how to participate at http://fritzing.org/shop/fab.

Merry tinkering!

Whoah - I'm looking forward to this!

I've just been over to the fritzing site and got the new version. the biggest change I've seen is a whole lot more parts - this alone is well worth the upgrade.

Heeyyy, that's pretty nifty! I've used fritzing a few times to show circuit diagrams.. never thought of it as a PCB service, but I like the idea! I'm a very visual person. lol

How about adding the xbee radio to the parts list that would really help out!

Hi Rico, thanks for the suggestion. I was going to say that you could just use a 20-pin mystery part as a placeholder, but those use 10mil instead of the 2mm pin spacing of the Xbee. It would only work if you used the Xbee breakout board (http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8276) in the middle..

I guess we can create it pretty quickly, though - so just start building your sketch and I promise we will deliver the Xbee part in time for the deadline. How about that?

Best, andré>

Does anyone want to work on a programming shield for the arduino to submit for fritzmas?

This would be a board with one or more empty sockets for programming atmega and attiny devices via icsp and maybe a 6 pin header for an ICSP cable connection. Not a lot to it besides some traces and some leds but it would be a handy thing to have around.

The programmer code is commonly available and the project has been done before but a nice little shield would be cute.

Rico, you can now find the XBee part for download here, at the bottom: http://code.google.com/p/fritzing/issues/detail?id=875

Just import it into the latest version of Fritzing. :)