24-Key Remote control codes


I wasn't sure where to put this (sensors or networking?) so I just threw it in here. If it needs to be moved, please do so mods (thank you!).

Okay on to the question, I currently have this wrinky dink little remote I got from sparkfun that has like 8 buttons. I'm writing a simple program to control a candle although I've created a new control mode for the candles to be in and I can do the application with the small remote but its very confusing and a person couldn't figure it out if they were to just pick up the remote and not had written the program.

I would like to get one of those remotes that the SMD5050 LED strips use and use that for what I'm controlling. So my question is how would I detect the key codes? The sparkfun remote comes with arduino code and the commands are an integer value detected through a method I don't understand. Is there some code that would have the arduino say what the integer value is when I press a button?

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