240*400 3.2 inch TFT Display Ardunio Due need Help

So i ordered a ITDB02-3.2WD Display (with a HX8352 Screen Controller and ADS7843 Touch Controller) a while ago and i just can't get it to work. Both the display aswell as the touchscreen do not respond (only Backlight is on).
I tried it with the UTFT, Adafruit-GFX-Libary-master, tft_shield-master, touch-master and Touch-Screen-Libary-Master Libarys.
In the UTFT Libary i tried to load the example program, changed the parameters so they fit for my display but nothing.

Does someone have an idea what the problem could be?

And yes the diplay is over a TFT shiled with the Arduino connected

I don't know if my 240x400 is the same as yours but I manage to get a result, eventually, with UTFT

I had to use the start line

UTFT myGLCD(CTE32HR,38,39,40,41);

and reposition everything on the screen.

No that does not work for me...

I now recall that Henning Karlsen has a list of controllers for UTFT. I don't know what controller mine uses but apparently you do. I guess if it isn't on his list, you are out of luck with UTFT.

try 'ITDB32WD' as the UTFT display descriptor.