240x128 OLED by u8g2 library

Hello Everyone,…
I m trying to use u8g2 library to display on my 3.37’’ OLED 240x128 with SSD1322 driver, firstly I couldn’t find the exact matching constructor in the constructor list so I used
U8G2_SSD1322_NHD_256X64_1_4W_SW_SPI constructor which is built for 256x64 pixels OLED but with same driver SSD1322.
I used the “Hello World by page buffer” example. It is partially working, which means it shows the display but the issue is that 16 columns from the left are not used by the program and show junk display. i have tried to figure out using drawPixel(x,y) command to see the location of each pixel but the actual (17,0) pixel is addressed at (0,0) by the program. This lead me to the conclusion that it is because of the mismatch in pixel in constructor and actual LED.

Is there any way to change the pixel height and width in the library or any other method to solve this problem.

i have a attached a picture which shows the unused 16 columns as i started writing numbers from (0,60)

PS: I m using U8G2_MIRROR in the constructor and FlipMode(1) to straighten my text. Also i m using Arduino pro mini 3.3V.

*I use to take help from this forum and usually i found it from questions by others, I couldn’t find the solution to this issue so I posted for the first time, If i haven’t followed any of the protocol of this forum then do mention it positively and I’ll take care of that in future.

This issue has been resolved... anyone who wants to see the solution can see the link below: https://github.com/olikraus/u8g2/issues/1261 Thanks to Oliver...!!!

There is no specific U8G2_SSD1322_NHD_240X128_1_4W_SW_SPI constructor.

Did your display come from NHD (Newhaven Display) ? Please post a link to the actual screen that you bought.

So what exactly did you do? i.e. what constructor in the Arduino sketch ? i.e. what edits did you make to the U8g2 library code ?