2416T and Arduino Mega 2560


Having searched the internet high and low, i'm struggling a bit to find a complete step-by-step (for basic old me) - of how to wire and program a 2416T Alphanumeric display with a Mega 2560 (V3E) board.

I've had it flash on when starting my computer, but nothing else !

I don't have a shift register to hand, and all the diagrams i find seem to use one :frowning:

Any pictures, hints, tips and links greatly appreciated !


I think many circuits use a shift register because otherwise it would take so many pins to drive the display. But with a mega you will not have a problem with that.

Did you see this?


Great find (thanks !)
Just not 100% sure how to hardwire the display to be honest, in order to use that code :slight_smile:

The code appears to use a whole port (a particular group of 8 pins) for the data lines. I'm no expert on Megas, I don't which port/pins to suggest using. Can a Mega expert help please?