24LC512- reading and writing of integer data on EEPROM

This is the program to pagewrite in eeprom, i can write strings of large lengths . Is there a way , I can store Integer or array data on it.

#include <Wire.h>
#define eeprom1 0x50 //Address of 24LC256 eeprom chip
#define WRITE_CNT 15

unsigned char rdata[32];
unsigned int str_len;

void setup(void)
unsigned int i;
// define large string of data to be written
char str_data={“seh”};

// Work out length of data

do{ str_len++; } while(str_data[str_len]);

// Write out data several times consecutively starting at address 0
for(i=0;i<WRITE_CNT;i++) writeEEPROM(eeprom1,i*str_len,str_data);

// read back the data 28 bytes at a time
// reading data doesn’t suffer from the page boundary rules
Serial.println(“DATA READ”);

for(i=0;i<WRITE_CNT;i++) {
readEEPROM(eeprom1, (i*str_len), rdata, str_len);


void loop(){

void writeEEPROM(int deviceaddress, unsigned int eeaddress, char* data)
// Uses Page Write for 24LC256
// Allows for 64 byte page boundary
// Splits string into max 16 byte writes
unsigned char i=0, counter=0;
unsigned int address;
unsigned int page_space;
unsigned int page=0;
unsigned int num_writes;
unsigned int data_len=0;
unsigned char first_write_size;
unsigned char last_write_size;
unsigned char write_size;

// Calculate length of data
do{ data_len++; } while(data[data_len]);

// Calculate space available in first page
page_space = int(((eeaddress/64) + 1)*64)-eeaddress;

// Calculate first write size
if (page_space>16){
if (first_write_size==0) first_write_size=16;

// calculate size of last write
if (data_len>first_write_size)
last_write_size = (data_len-first_write_size)%16;

// Calculate how many writes we need
if (data_len>first_write_size)
num_writes = ((data_len-first_write_size)/16)+2;
num_writes = 1;

if(page==0) write_size=first_write_size;
else if(page==(num_writes-1)) write_size=last_write_size;
else write_size=16;

Wire.write((int)((address) >> 8)); // MSB
Wire.write((int)((address) & 0xFF)); // LSB
Wire.write((byte) data*);*

  • i++;*
  • counter++;*
    } while((data*) && (counter<write_size));
    address+=write_size; // Increment address for next write*

* delay(6); // needs 5ms for page write*
* }*

*void readEEPROM(int deviceaddress, unsigned int eeaddress, *
unsigned char* data, unsigned int num_chars)
* unsigned char i=0;*
* Wire.beginTransmission(deviceaddress);*
* Wire.write((int)(eeaddress >> 8)); // MSB*
* Wire.write((int)(eeaddress & 0xFF)); // LSB*
* Wire.endTransmission();*

* Wire.requestFrom(deviceaddress,num_chars);*

* while(Wire.available()) data[i++] = Wire.read();*
WRITE_CNT defines the number of writes.
I want to write integer variables on it and read it.
*I need to read and write at least 9 digit integer values. *