24v 200watt motor


I'm building a small machine and using a 24v 200watt 10.9amp rated current dc motor with a arduino 43amp h bridge via a raspberry pi pwm.

Everything works fine but both motor and H bridge get extremely hot after about 5mins.

The motor is from an electric scooter I bought from ebay.

Am I doing anything wrong???

Help appreciated

This is an Arduino forum. Why are you asking a RPi question?

We would need to know how it is programmed and wired then someone may know about RPi enough to help.


The motor might be rated at 200watt but what sort of mechanical, and hence electrical, load are you applying to it. Without knowing how much current and at what voltage is being fed to the motor there is no way you will understand exactly what the problem is.

But at a guess, you are overloading the motor which in turn is overloading the H-bridge.

What sort of heat-sink does the H-bridge have (require)

Define "extremely hot" - motors are often rated for 60 to 80C temperature rise.

Which motor?

Which H-bridge? Does it have good cooling?

What current is actually flowing?