24V dc motor control and potentiometer/arduino problem

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I'm trying to control a 24V dc motor rated current at 0.33A, I have an Arduino Uno R3 board and a motor shield. I know the motor shield can't handle that much voltage so I'm thinking of getting this:


The problem is that how can I supply 24V into the H-bridge motor driver to drive the motor? Since I can't just simply plug in a jack from an adapter, it needs to be supplied from 2 wires thingy? (Sorry I'm pretty new to this stuffs) Also to connect each pins to the arduino board, I need to solder them onto the pins right?

One more thing that is concerning me is that, when I read the analog voltage from my potentiometer, without connecting to an external supply or a motor, the values are fine. However, once I connect the board to an external supply, a 12V dc motor and the motor shield, the values from my potentiometer changes everytime I turn it on. Is there something wrong with my board? how can I fix it?

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You could solder the wires on you can also use those female breadboard wires.

Wire it exactly as the eBay page says.

As for the potentiometer please upload some pics of your wiring and readings that will help alot.

What about the 24V supply? what can I use to supply the H-bridge?

Also the wiring of the potentiometer is in the attachment. Note that I use 12V 1.5A adapter plugged into the arduino board, not the 9V battery.
The reading of the potentiometer fluctuates (also very noisy) a lot I get different readings from different analog input pins.


On the h bridge breakout there is a set of pins for power hook the 24V there you can also get a voltage regulator stem down to 9 or 10 or even 12 v to run the arduino off the same 24v power supply.

The pot wiring looks right so build you a sketch that just serial prints your analog input and see if it's really as scratchy as it looks if it is I'd first check in to a Hugh quality pot and see if that makes a difference I've had issues like that out of those lil bread board pots.

Thank you very much for your responses.

I have already tried just reading the analog input without the motor. The values are fine, not noisy at all. Once I connect the motor, the values go crazy. Should I try smoothing the potentiometer input with this?:

Thank you again for your help :wink:

You should not need to do that but if it helps more b power to ya.