24v Dc motor driver


I am quadriplegic software developer. and I have 2 wheelchair.a elektric wheel chair and manuel wchair
I have 2 old gel battery 12v 33ah and I bought 2 old 24v dc worm motor 60rpm because I want to make a power asist to travel in my house.

so I need a 2 dc motor driver which is the best choice?
does it have an esc? what must I buy for this project?

I want to control it with arduino joystick now maybe later I can add bluetooth and gyroscope to control with head

thanks all

future Rachelle Friedman Wheelchair + Spinergy ZX-1 Power Add-On - YouTube ;D

The best choice depends on various things, especially the specs of the motors, like nominal current, stall

You can buy on eg ebay electric buggy motor controllers capable of many tens of amperes at 24v very cheaply.

A lot easier than designing one of your own from scratch.