24VAC to 5VDC Power Module for MKRWIFI1010


I am trying to power my Arduino MKRWIFI1010 through the 24VAC output from the wall and I want to build my own power module, preferably for a through-hole protoboard circuit that I could solder myself. I am very new to everything, is this even a doable project? Any advice would be helpful.

It is doable, tho it’s not that easy, with a little research is possible.
Basically, if you want to design it, you would need an AC/DC converter circuit, which consists on a transformer, a full bridge rectifier, a filter (a capacitor) and a voltage regulator.

But the real issue comes when you connect the load to the converter output, keep in mind that your MKR1010 might draw different current levels. so the first thing I recommend you do, It’s a to see how your board behaves in current with your main program. then you proceed design a converter.

Good luck