250V AC - 2.5v stepdown

Hi Guys, i am looking to convert UK line voltage (250V) and drop it down to 2.5v / 3v max for a project I'm looking to-do. But i have not been able to find a transformer or circuit that is capable of doing it so far. I'm not exactly sure of the current required at the moment im working on figuring that out.

any advice would be great.


A 5V wall adaptor should do the trick, then use a linear regulator to bring that down to 2.5V if your power consumption is not too big.

There are many linear regulators in "friendly" formats that you can use for example the LD1117 (very cheep from ST), LD29150 in TO220, if you need less than 250mA, then you can go for a TO-92-3 package like the MCP1700 from Microchip. There are loads to choose from.

If you need more that 1A - 1.5A then you should start thinking about a switching regulator for instance the LT1767. It depends on what are you output requirements.