2560 FTDI bridge to -> pro.mini

I have a Mega2560 that I am trying to use to program a pro.mini.328p

I am using a 2560 as my FTDI link, programmer set to atmel stk500 (also tried Arduino ISP), and board set to Arduino mini. When I hit 'board info', I get the 2560 info. https://bpaste.net/show/0f36d3da50cb

I can upload code to the Mega2560 by itself, but using it as a bridge fails.



I am able to upload the sketch Arduino ISP to the Mega 2560 just fine. But any attempt to reach the pro.mini fails.

I have tried FTDI with and without the rest

SPI with: MEGA 2560 ATMEGA328 Pin 50 (MISO) --> Pin 18 (MISO) Pin 51 (MOSI) --> Pin 17 (MOSI) Pin 52 (SCK) --> Pin 19 (SCK) Pin 53 (SS) --> Pin 1 (RESET) 5v --> Pin 7 (Vcc) Gnd --> Pin 8,22 (Gnd)

and I tried i2c 2 wire

all using Arduino ISP and Arduino as ISP for the programmer.