2560 slow compiling

This is the sketch I am running. It takes about a minute to compile, then it fails to upload. It will eventually upload after about 4 attempts.
int LED = 13;
void setup()

void loop()

If you are using windows did you already tried to stop the anti virus protection?
When I use Windows I need to shutdown the Kaspersky because it cause a very slow compile.It's because it have a true Prevent feature that monitor all activity.
Of course it could be another problem ...

Hi Thanks for your reply.
I disabled all my antivirus and firewall settings, and it compiled ok for a few minutes then went back to running very slowly again. I'm very puzzled!!???

Several people report this issue time to time. If you set TeamViewer in your machine and send me the ID and pass via private message I can try to solve your problem and discover the root.

OK it was some security solution interfering after all. Hey bernieaw can you post the picture I left for you? I didn't saved it. But it will be useful for other guys with the same problem.

:0 bringing down Kaspersky made the difference for me. worked fine @ home but not here @ work where we have Kaspersky Running.
for HugoPT - sometimes when u shut down an AV, it will only shut down for a specified number of minutes and then turn the AV back on again… this is for safety. I will see if there’s a workaround in order to allow this program to run uninhibited.

Russ from Coral Springs, Fl 8)