256128 glcd

Hi all , i'm a biginner in arduino board but a old electronicien . I found a powerfull Glcd with only marking "256128-02" and "1000-6M064 060711". Nothing on ICs . This is a 256 X 128 pixels 4 bits parrallel display . After many search on the web , i find it was very similar to an optrex lcd . http://www.tslcd.com/uploadfile/20121213102938376.pdf http://media.digikey.com/pdf/Data%20Sheets/Optrex%20PDFs/DMF-682ANF-EW.pdf The timings of these display are identical at the mine i have .(see pictures i take whith my Dso joined) . In fact i found the 3 displays and others with similar timings but differents ICs : optrex DMF6104NB-FW optrex DMF682A optrex DMF682ANF-EW-BFN This ICs are : NT7086 or RA0086 MSM5298 / MSM5299 (rows, columns) S6B0086 Is existe a library for driving this lcd ? there is very usefull for my project of visible light spectrometer . So if not , anyone can help me for write one ? Many Thanks .

Ps ; Excuse my poor english , i hope is readable .

Pfiouu images not appear i’m wrong .

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Salut! je vais essayer d'en faire une!