25kHz fan control with potentiometer

Hello, i have Uno R3 and want to make a simple controller for simple custom laptop cooling system (consisting of 2 laptop 4pin cooling system fans and a Gigabyte 450w gpu cooler which will be soldered on the existing laptop cooling system. A lot of copper and 6 fans in total for a laptop hahah). I want to make it work on 3 25kHz pwm outputs (i wonder if it would be enough current just to split pwm signal on cable splitter to all 3 fan inputs to simplify everything as im not sure if Uno R3 is able to do 3 outputs of 25kHz pwm signal). If it makes any difference, i have 1k, 2k and 10k pots of it makes any difference. The problem is that there are many similar projects out there but nothing quite the same. Im new to writing programs for arduino and by looking at other samples i couldnt figure out how to make my project work or even reprogram the Uno timers to do 25kHz pwm and control everything with a single pot. I was planning to connect a standard lcd screen for monitoring the duty cycle, fan speeds and temperature but for now i would be happy to just make a working simple fan controller with a potentiometer. I would be very glad if someone could help meout with this. Thank you in advance

why do you need a PWM signal that runs at 25 kHz?

Because the fans run at such frequency pwm signal stock