25mm 9v dc motor 6 pins[HELP]

hi all, first i dont know if im in the correct section.

i brought 25mm 9v dc motor with 6 pins.

my question is how to connect the dc motor into L293D motor shield ??, or i just connect the positve and negative wire to the m+ and m-.

and what is the use of the remaining pins wire??, it can be use like stepper motor??

i brought it from here http://www.smartarduino.com/25mm-9v-dc-reduced-gear-motor-for-robot_p94537.html

That page shows you exactly how to hook it up. And explains what every single wire is. Have you not bothered to scroll down?

Thanks for the reply INTP,

I scroll the page,but where to connect the S1 & S2, power for sensor , in L293D motor driver.
Or maybe like this S1 & S2 = analog(A0 & A1), and the power for sensor will be GND and VCC ?.

There are only TWO motor wires. VM and GM.

The remaining four wires are to power and read the Hall sensors.
That part is optional, and can be used to count motor revolutions.

Basically its a 2 wire motor and a 4-wire quadrature encoder sharing the same 6 pin connector.