Well the world is running out of these and I need to find some before they are gone forever. Does anyone have some that I could purchase?


What's special about this eeprom (compared to 24LC512, for example)? (I could not find any references out there).

Huh. Never heard of that particular part number. How does it compare with a 29F512, which seems to be more common "over here" (and still pretty widely available)?

(This is a parallel flash/eeprom chip. (probably) a 28pin wide DIP package with 16 address lines, 8 data lines, and 64k*8 organization. Compatible with older UVEPROM chips. (this is true of 29F512; less sure about this "fs" part.)

I goofed that part number. It is really 27FS512. Here is the spec sheet: http://www.sst.com/downloads/datasheet/S71152.pdf

We use them in our cars. A lot of the older ECU's use these and we use them for programming. There are some on E-Bay. I may try talking the guy down on the price a little and buying a bunch.