2835 Constant Current LED Strip is better than 2835 Constant Voltage LED Strip?


we know well about 2835 Constant Voltage LED Strip, such as 12v, 24v 2835 led strip.
but for 2835 Constant Current LED Strip, the current is same, anyone used it before? Besides, i think the SMD 2835 led color tolerance < 3SDCM is better than the normal one, and CCT: 2600-2800k, 3000-3200k, 4000-4300k, 6000-6500k more choices.


and the current/brigtness is than also depending the supply voltage and the drop voltage along the led string. Following you can see a drop of brigtness as closer you came to the end.

Utter tosh - please do not pretend you know something.

but for 2835 Constant Current LED Strip,

No the LEDs are essentially just the same as any other - see the description here:-

In real electronics, as opposed to the market hype rubbish of that link you posted, all LEDs should work in a constant current mode. Those with a series resistor approximate a constant current circuit mode using a simple passive component which works well within certain limits. Other circuits monitor the current and adjust an effective resistance to maintain a constant current.

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Knowing stuff is all very well but if you are not articulate enough to get it over to people it is just a waste of time. Just read that last post of yours, was it even in English or was it just a random collection of words. Yes I have been at electronics for 50 years as well.

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