28byj 48 motor max steps per revolution

Hi everyone, I have an Arduino Uno connected with my stepper motor 28BYJ-48, with 5V.
The code runs okay, but, if I take stepsPerRevolution to 400, or over it the motor just shake, but do not turn the engine on the top. I can not see any movement at all, and I do not know why, even after I ran the code a lot of time. Can someone explain it? Because the datasheet says that I can use it until 4096 steps, so now I am confused. What is the max steps that the motor 28BYJ-48 can run on real?

code link: #include <Stepper.h> const int stepsPerRevolution = 300; //<400 Stepper m - Pastebin.com

datasheet: http://robocraft.ru/files/datasheet/28BYJ-48.pdf

Steps per revolution is not a variable. It is the physical number of steps that the stepper motor need to rotate through 360°. For a 28BYJ-48 the output shaft turns once for every 2048 steps.

You can use half-stepping so that it need 4096 steps for 1 rotation.

Neither of these numbers has anything to do with the speed of the motor. The speed (which I think is what you are referring to) is determined by the number of steps per second or per minute.

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