28BYJ48 Stepper - gears, knobs whatnot supply?

Anyone know where I can find things that fit onto the output shaft of this stepper motor?

I'm not having much luck with figuring out proper wording for a search.

5mm shaft with two flat sides on it. I think this says that it's 3mm for distance between the two flat spots.

Almost done with my project here, and don't have a way to attach to the motors!

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Have a look at this company.


The gears you probably want are at the bottom.

I think I have the same motor. You don’t measure between the flats, you measure the outer circumference of the shaft. Mine is a 5mm shaft. You probably want the metric plastic spur gears.

I’m in Australia, so shipping is usually about 10x the cost of the actual product.
Good Luck.

Nothing I can use. So, time to talk to the 3D printer guy at work. :)

ah well...

Gotta love having a 3D printer. I've had mine for little over 4 years. And learned to use Solidworks just for gears. :sunglasses:

Well, drat. On a slightly separate issue, my project doesn't look like battery operation is a viable option. Two of these steppers on 8 step motion on an Arduino Nano --- runs at ~500mA.

500mA is a bit much for any kind of lifespan out of AA batteries.


Backup option of plug in power it is. t'll run on batteries, just not for more than 4 hours or so.