2D graphics library for ILI9341 released

FYI, 2D graphics library for ILI9341 based on TFT_eSPI library released. GitHub project: TFTShape.
Have fun.

This looks really good and is nicely documented. I particularly like the ability to define an arbitrary point to rotate the shape around.

I have updates in the pipeline that will help in cases where graphics are partially off screen. This is needed as the legacy of the TFT_eSPI is from lower powered AVR processors so the graphics clipping was kept very simple to provide minimal impact on performance. With the ESP8266 and ESP32 the impact of the clipping code is negligible.

I usually try to create and publish a Christmas themed sketch so this will probably use TFTShape this year!

Fantastic work on your library, javalang!
The shape construction/transformation is nice and flexible; thanks for sharing.