2D or 3D map for Arduino

Hello, I have question about the maps. If I have a 2D or 3D map, how can I burn(store) it to the Arduino uno? How can I use it as a predefined map to my (indoor) robot?

OR do I have to use the Raspberry Pi with the Arduino to solve this issue?

Thank you,

Unless it is a very small map (and/or the rest of the code on the Uno doesn't use much RAM for variables) - you will likely face problems - even if all you are doing is storing vertices.

So - an external machine (RasPi would be fine) would be the better choice for map storage and processing.

Regardless of what platform you intend to use - you will likely use an array or a linked list to store and operate on the information - though other options are possible.

Thank you so much for your answer.