2N7000 strange behaviour

I want to use a 2N7000 as a switch to protect my circuit for over voltage.
I have a scenario when i feed 5 volts and everything should be fine.
But is i feed 24vdc the fet should start conducting and blow the fuse.
On data sheet of 2N7000 trigger si 0.8 to 3 vdc.
I attached 2 pictures which should explain better.
Even if i make GS 1.92 volts, the fet stay open and the fuse does not blow.
I need help as it is first time when i work with Mosfets.

1/ FETS do not turn on instantly with rising gate voltage.

2/ the 2N7000 is only rated for 200mA, 500mA ( very short) peak.

look at MOV's or transorbs


Unipolar 5volt standoff TVS diodes are made for this.