2nd preview release for FastSPI_LED2

Posted another preview release for FastSPI_LED2 - more platform support, another led chipset - http://waitingforbigo.com/2013/03/24/second-preview-release-for-fastspi_led2/ - specifically:

  • support for leonardo and mega and teensy++2.0
  • support for sm16716 led chipset
  • some code/nomenclature cleanup

I still want to get in Due support, DMA support on the teensy 3.0 platform, some more performance/tuning, and some more example code and documentation.

Would it be worth to add a note to the library to say that the WS2803 is similar to the WS2801, except that one has to send data for all 18 channels (instead of only three) before latching ...

Possibly - I'd like to get a hold of some ws2803's to play with before I make any statements about them, I've gotten burned by "reported to work" in the past :slight_smile:

Give me an address, I'll send you some DIP ones.

I have a ws2803 strip on its way, should have it in a week or two (and I'm travelling next week so that timing will work out, actually).

Cool. If you want individual ICs, I have both DIP and SOP ones. I ordered a bunch a while back and still have left over. Just let me know.