2x Arduino MEGA installed exactly the same way side by side, but one differs

Hi all,

I have a strange problem and cannot wrap my head around it,

I have sent identical code to both arduino MEGAs and the wiring is the same for both of them, double and tripple checked. I have also swapped LEDs from one mosfet to another and the problem is certainly the MEGA

Essentially my project is a shit tone of lights which react to Thermistors I have LEDs being driven by Mosfets. all leds are lighting up but one of the arduino is a slightly different shade. I have tried the other sensors i am convinced one MEGA is doing something on a hardware level different to the others

one mega is showing all LEDs to be slightly more red then the other arduino.

I dont want to compensate this by changing the code on 1 arduino..

this seems to be one board has a different output power set for pwm or something. can anyone help me, where would I set hardware level settings to make both boards become identical?

i am only guessing this is what I need to do.

Are the megas different models, ie, is one a clone?

Where is the power being supplied? If it's coming from the mega, have you measured the voltage it's putting out? How much current is it drawing?

thank you for your reply,

This is very strange, the problem went away, and I dont know what I did to fix it :p it would have to be one of the following

things I tried was I added a few more wires to 5V added few ground wires

and it went away.. I think it was to do with the 5v.. I am using a dc-dc psu and adding more pins to the mega fixed things.. so I think.

If anyone else has this happen I suggest just turn every off and on a few times and just check all wiring. Try the above also.. the 5v

sorry if this is not so clear. cheers