2x arduino pro mini or 1 x teensy 3.1

I want to make an arduino game system. My game ideas are kinda heft on flash memory so i was thinking i could use one pro mini as a slave to store bitmap data and such and the other as a msster. But thats two microcontrollers.

I was looking at a teensy 3.1 which has a 32 bit procrssor and 256k which would be way more than i need but i see it uses arm instead of avr and im pretty sure i would need the avr to get the gamebuino library to work.

What would be my best bet?

Using two CPUs is almost never the best option, and if one is just to store bitmaps then why not just use an external memory chip?

It sounds to me though that a Teensy would be a much better option, simpler and at the same time a HUGE amount faster.