2x micro with usb connections

Hi there.

I'm working on some sim rig ideas, buttons, hats, joysticks etc. I'm currently trying to get a second Micro connected but it appears the pc is seeing both the connected Micros as one device. If I program a button from micro 1 it overwrites the settings for micro 2 and so on.

Am I missing some kind of naming convention in the Arduino sketch, or do I need to name the joystick devices in some way? I'm using the standard joystick module.

If this can't be done I have a really big headache as Microsoft hid joysticks are still limited to a certain number of buttons/hats etc.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.

You have not told us how you are making the connections.

I don’t know what more I can add. Example switch one, pin 10 to one end of the switch, ground goes to the other. ??

Perhaps a diagram showing the connections?

Oh sorry, I cross posted from another thread.

They’re connected to the pc via usb. The data gathering isn’t a problem. The wiring isn’t the problem. The pc interface is the problem.

Both micros do exactly what they should on their own, but if I plug both in (separate usb cables) windows sees them both as one and they compete.

Arduino sketch only sees one micro on one port.

So, is there code I need to add to a sketch to make them seen as unique to windows or is this not possible?

Do you want me to draw a usb cable?

Many thanks.

And you are using two separate instances of the IDE, meaning two distinct windows on your PC?

This should do the trick for you. It is meant for Leonardo, but it should work with Micro, too.

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