2x MPU-6050 Chips

Hello everybody

I got an apparate that I build by myself with a LCD Screen, an Arduino Uno board, a datalogger shield by adafruit with SD and RTC and a MPU-6050 Chip.

It's working fine together but now I want to use a 2and MPU6050 Chip.

Is that possible, or do i need to buy everything again?

Thx for help :=)

if you want to use two at once, you need to check if there is some method to make them respond to different I2C address.

Sometimes, the chip allows it, but the breakout board prevents you.

I already changed the I2C adress of the MPU, cause the RTC uses the same :slight_smile:

Well if the MPU only has two possible I2C addresses, then you will be ok with those but you might need to throw away the RTC

I dont know how many possible adresses there are for the MPU, and I also need the Real Time Clock. Without it are those datas useless.

Isn’t any other way possible?

Well look at the datasheet for the MPU6050, which will tell you how many I2C addresses you can have.

And if your RTC uses the same I2C address as the MPU6050, get a different brand of RTC which uses a different address. It is also possible, at least in principle, to have two separate I2C links, so that the address conflict between the slave devices is not an issue.

Some of the fancier microcontrollers already have this, I don't know how difficult it would be to do with the arduino, you would probably have to hack the Wire library somehow.

I'm using a Datalogger Shield from Adafruit.
The RTC is already "given" and cant be changed :S.

There are only two I2C devices: x68 (RTC)
x69 (first MPU6050)

Unfortunately the MPU-6050 uses 0x68 and 0x69 and the RTC is hard wired as 0x68.

You’ll need to use a software I2C implementation on two other pins I think to interface
more MPU-6050’s.