2xservo and checkweigh system


I have been looking for an electronic project for the past few weeks. Being a mechanical fitter by trade, this is my first dabble with electronic control.

I would like some guidance on wether this project would be feasible using arduino.

Control of 2 servo motors and an accurate checkweigh at 5grams?

Would aurduino be able to run these 3 components? Also maybe a solenoid valve?

If im talking bollocks or you can steer me in the right direction of components needed I would love to know. I have servo motors/solenoids at my disposal.



Should be doable with arduino uno.

The cheapest route for a load cell is an inexpensive digital scale (extract the load cell from it). The simplest way to interface with it is an HX711 module; google will bring up plenty of examples of how to interface with it.

Thanks for the advice. I will be looking a little deeper into the uno and interfaces available.