3.2" 320x240 TFT questions


Have got the Hobby Components/ElectroFreaks 3.2" ssd1289 tft screen and i/f board working well with the RinkyDink libraries.

However the challenge is to mount the display while avoiding loads of stacked boards.

Wondered if / how others have mounted their screens and i/f board away from the Mega ?
Seems it would need a short ide cable plus a 10 or 11 way connector for the power and touch screen connections.

Though not found, so far, are there are any similar sized Serial screens around that will also work with the Arduino/ UTFT libraries ? and if so wondered how the serial models compare speed wise with the 8/16 bit ones; dramatically slower ?

If you mean this display then you need the Adapter Shield.

By the time you have stacked all three boards together it is a little unwieldy.
Surely it is easier and cheaper to use a single Display Shield that plugs directly into a Uno / Mega.

Anything is better than trailing wires.

Regarding Serial SPI displays. They work beautifully with a Due and DMA.
They can work reasonably swiftly with a Mega or Uno hardware SPI.

If you want to use UTFT, anything will be SLOW.