3.2 INCH lcd tf card shield (REV.B) shows only white screen !?

My 3.2 inch lcd tf card shield (REV.B) shows only white screen, when i connect it to arduino mega 2560, i tried downloading very different libraries but non of them worked, I tried to display the demo example that comes with all tft and utft libraries and it wouldnt work (only white screen). Mega is brand new and LCD is not but it wasnt used at all. Does someone know whats the problem?

Are you sending data that is compatible with your driver?
There is often a label or sticker on the back of the PCB.
Mine had a sticker with 9325, indicating a ILI9325.
If you find a sticker on the back try to enter that in the sketch and see if it works

It is not the same screen but same problem …