3.2" LCD TFT ILI9325 and Arduino uno - display problem


I try to display anything on my LCD screen, but it still doesn't work.

I have 3.2" Touch Screen TFT LCD Module - ILI9325 like this:

and I use Arduino Uno R3. I made a connection like this:
BL CTR(pin23) -> 3.3V
VCC -> 3.3V
RD(pin4) -> 3.3V
DB0~DB5 -> D8~D13
DB6 -> A0
DB7 -> A1
DB9~DB15 -> D0~D7
RSET(pin5) -> A2
LCD_CS(pin1) -> A3
WR(pin3) -> A4
RS(pin2) -> A5

I have also STM32F407vg and because Arduino hasn't enough power outputs, I use 2 of them from the STM breadboard. I use this library:

My IDE is: Arduino 1.8.13

My code looks like this:
#include <memorysaver.h>
#include <UTFT.h>

void setup()
UTFT myGLCD(ILI9325D_16,2,3,1,5);

void loop(){

the code is loaded onto the board, but the screen is off all the time. I don't know why nothing is happening. Can you help me?


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